More Anti-Virus Tips

Posted by fmatlock on May 8, 2012

Two's a Crowd

If one antivirus program is good, two is better, right? Wrong. Antivirus software tends to use up a large percentage of your computer's processing power. Running more than one antivirus program will slow your computer to a crawl and possibly cause it to crash. And not all antivirus programs are compatible with one another, which can make your computer even more unstable

Give Viruses the Boot (Disk)

Some antivirus software will let you create a special boot disk. After creating a boot disk, you should reboot your computer with the disk in the drive. Your computer will read from the disk and load a limited OS and run a virus scan. With luck, this method will allow you to bypass the malware's code and disable it

Worst-case Scenario

If you can't seem to delete the viruses no matter which method you try, it may be time to bite the bullet and perform a complete system wipe. This involves formatting your hard drive and reloading the operating system. This will delete all of your information -- be sure to save backups of any important, virus-free files before you start.