We fix computer problems! 

You depend on your computer and we understand that.

If your computer will not run, has problems that make it lock up or just seems to be running slowly; we can help you with that sort of problem. We can also help you with your network or Internet connection if those are troubling you.

Our consultants have been supporting computer systems since 1981. We can assist you with Windows and Linux system problems. Is your web server giving you a headache? We can help with that too.

It is our mission to help you solve your computing problems... no matter what they are.


We Build Websites

designingwebs.jpgAnd we have since way back in 1997

In 1997 we started building websites. The Internet and the nature of what makes a great website has changed quite a bit since "the old days." Website design and web based applications have been a non-stop focus from 1997 right up to today. One of the great things about the Internet is that there is always something new. It's our passion to keep up with the latest in Internet technologies so we can offer them to you.

We'll give your website an eye for detail and a passion for creating something completely unique just for you. You know what you need and want from your website and we know how to make it happen. You have places you want your website to go and grow and it would be our pleasure to assist on your journey.

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We Host Websites

hosting-server-room.jpgThere are many choices you can make when selecting a host for your website. With more than 23 years of experience building, deploying and hosting Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) we believe we have one of the best services. Using WCMS involves quite a bit more than just storing some html code. There are applications that must run, database files that must be accessed... and it all needs to happen fast.



Find out more about our Hosting here > Domain Name Hosting


We Provide Help and Lessons


It seems like we all need a little help from time to time and computers seem to make those times more frequent. If you need to ask a question about setting up your email or installing the latest Office software who can you call? You can call us and we can help you. If you need to learn to use Word or PowerPoint, we would be glad to help with that as well. Do you have a group that needs training on new software? Call us because we can help you with that too!




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With thousands of Laptop and Desktop computer systems successfully repaired. Among those are Dell, IBM/Lenovo, HP, Gateway and many other brands... Your computer is in trained, experienced hands with Triad Computer Support.


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